TiS Serenity Satellite Launch Date Is Set for March 13

Teachers in Space (TIS) has a launch date for our Serenity CubeSat. It is now set for March 13, 2021. This date is subject to change, as it’s the first launch of a new rocket company, Firefly Aerospace.

Follow the satellite’s progress here.

Elizabeth Kennick, president of Teachers in Space, tells readers, “You should be getting ready now to talk to our satellite.”

There are three ways for students and teachers to interact with Serenity.
  • During beaconing, you can simply receive messages.
  • If you have a ham license, you can request and receive data.
  • You can access the data on our website, here.

Kennick says, “Ham operators are super excited to work with a satellite. Ham operators love to track satellites. But now they get to send commands and receive data.”

Teachers in Space has received an amateur radio license from the FCC for the satellite in 2020.

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