Give teachers hands-on training and experiences in planning, conducting and analyzing real science experiments at the edge of space.

Schedule to include:

Thursday 6 August 2015 8-5pm Palmdale CA

  • Introduction to space weather and radiation protection
  • Introduction to flight experiments with high altitude balloons, gliders, cubesats
  • Handson arduino programming and work with remote data sensors
  • Satellite positioning exercise with Ardusat

Friday 7 August 2015 8-5pm Palmdale CA

  • Perlan Project’s science mission to study mountain waves and the Polar Vortex
  • Payload design for Perlan flight experiments to be flown in 2016
  • Handson experience with cubesat models and how to get started on your own
  • Data analysis from a balloon experiment flown by TIS teachers and students

Saturday 8 August 2015 10-2pm Hawthorne CA

  • Tour inside SpaceX’s Hawthorne factory: see Falcon and Dragon construction
  • Meet and talk with employees at SpaceX; visit Mission Control
  • Learn about Cubesat transport via Nanoracks and SpaceX to ISS for launch
  • How to participate in TIS’ academic year Ardusat experiment contest