• TiS Serenity Satellite Launch Is Imminent

    Learn how to interact with the satellite here.

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  • Serenity Cubesat

    Teachers in Space to Launch Serenity Satellite

    Teachers in Space (TIS) has secured a flight on Firefly Aerospace’s Alpha launch vehicle to send their educational Cube satellite, “Serenity”, into a low Earth orbit. Serenity will contain several experiments including Gloversville School Districts radiation experiment and Villanova University’s Blockchain technology experiment.

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  • TIS Launching Educational Satellite

    Teachers in Space Launching Educational Satellite for Your Use! Teachers in Space will launch our first educational satellite “Serenity” in September 2020 via the inaugural flight of Firefly Aerospace.  HAM radio operators will be able to “ping” the satellite and receive packets of data including Satellite Health, Battery Charge, Solar Panel Voltage, Latitude, Longitude, and […]

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