1. Who can apply?
    Any resident of the United States over the age of 18 may participate in this contest.
  2. Open and close of applications.
    Applications for Phase 2 will open August 1, 2015 and close September 18, 2015.
  3. Entry Limits
    The contest is limited to the first 50 entries. You may enter as many times as you like but the contest closes at 50 entries. If demand warrants, we will open another round of 50 for a second seat on the flight.
  4. How and when we’ll choose and notify the winner.
    Winners will be selected by our panel of judges selected from the space industry, government and academia. Once the winners have been selected, they will be notified by email and/or phone call from a Teachers in Space, Inc (TiS) representative.
  5. What every applicant receives and when.
    All applicants will receive a PDF preview copy of the Spacesuit Owner’s Manual. The printed version will arrive within 2-4 weeks of your application submission.
  6. Cost to apply and how to pay.
    The application fee is $250. Payment can be made directly on our website during the application process. Special arrangements can be made by contacting Teachers in Space, Inc. at info@teachers-in-space.com.
  7. Exclusions and cause for rejection.
    To participate in this flight, winners must be in good physical shape, able to withstand the stresses of multiple parabolic flight arc. A medical certificate of fitness may be needed to conduct the flight. If the winner does not meet the physical requirements of flight, they may, at TiS discretion, participate in the preflight and postflight activities with substitute personnel making the actual flight.
  8. What we may do with these essays.
    These essays become the joint property of Teachers in Space, inc. and yourself. TiS may reproduce in whole or in part any portion of the essays submitted. These reproductions may include but are not limited to electronic, paper or digital versions. TiS may provide elements of these essays, in whole or in part, for publication in third party journals, blogs or news articles.
  9. What TiS may do with photos/videos from the flight.
    Videos and photographs collected before during and after the flight may be used for marketing and other promotional purposes.

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