Spaceflight Workshop

Spaceflight Workshop Participants looking over their data.

Our workshops include a wealth of information and resources that STEM teachers are finding very useful. This summer we refined and continued to test this content with the idea that the next step will be to begin turning it into inspirational curricula.

Our aim is clear; to develop world-class high school curricula themed on the requirements of and opportunities in NewSpace. This is the core of Teachers in Space.

The curricula’s objective is to infuse excitement into STEM, helping reverse a disturbing metric, that students who demonstrate the competency for STEM are not entering into further involvement with it past high school.

To accomplish our ambitious goal, we are drawing from the exceptional teachers that are participating in the project in its various parts and stages. We will continues to organize and collaborate with this powerful community of excellent STEM teachers.

As we move forward with Teachers in Space activities, we are mindful that this is an ongoing goal, that will likely take a curriculum development cycle before it is ready for commercial distribution. We’re in it for the long haul.

Here’s our 2018 application to the NY Knicks’ “MakeIt” Competition: TIS@dpsp2018MAKEIT-1