Spacesuit Testing

The Awesome Spacesuit Testing Opportunity

The Final Frontier Design Spacesuit

The Final Frontier Design Spacesuit

Teachers in Space, Inc. and several select members of the space community will test Final Frontier Design (FFD)’s commercial spacesuit aboard a microgravity research flight.

We are assisting Final Frontier Designs (FFD) in evaluating their current lunch and re-entry spacesuit. The goal of this testing is to validate FFD’s suit for FAA Office of Space Transportation Flight Safety Approval; this would be the first space suit to achieve FAA Flight Safety Approval.

The best part of this? You can be a member of the crew. Just enter our contest and if selected, you could be going on the flight, assisting our Pathfinder in getting valuable data for Final Frontier Design. To find out more, just click the button below.

Consider a Donation

Not interested in the contest but want to help us get this project completed? Consider making a donation to Teachers in Space. We are an organization dedicated to bringing space into the classroom.

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Look what you get:
A. $2,000 covers travel for our test team to the ZeroG flight in Florida

B. $3,000 buys a 1/3 page photo and paragraph following the title page of the eBook we’ll publish of our Spacesuit Test photos and the contestants’ entries, plus a hard copy of the book to the sponsor.

C. $5,000 (3 available) buys the sponsor’s embroidered patch sewn onto the spacesuit and photographed and videotaped during the spacesuit testing, plus the eBook benefit described in #2

D. $7,500 (5 available) buys a full sponsorship of one day of this summer’s Flight Experiments Workshop at SpaceX and Mojave, CA. Be listed as the sponsor of the day of your choice (glider flights, balloon launch, Arduino programming are some options). Sponsor’s name on all published communications regarding the workshop: website, social media, press releases, emails, newsletter, and workshop signage.

E. $10,000 (1 available) Sponsor’s banner on the interior cabin wall of the plane during the spacesuit testing, included in photos and video, plus a full page in our eBook described in #2 and 3 hard copies of the book.

Contest Judges

Teachers in Space has put together a remarkable group of experts to review the contest entries and determine our contest winner. We have people from NASA, University of New York, Space Angels Network and many others helping us find our contestant. Check out their bios on our judges page.


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