TIS CubeFrame Kit


This Cubeframe Kit provides everything you need to begin building your CubeSat Formfactor experiment.

Add our Arduino Starter Kit to build your first working experiment!

Both a TIS Cubesat Frame Kit and a TIS Arduino Starter Kit are included in Module 1 of our flight experiments program, but you can order extras if you have a larger class or just have more ideas for experiments.


– 2 CubeFrame Base Pieces
– 2 CubeFrame Side Pieces
– 1 Arduino Uno Plate
– 1 Battery/Experiment Plate
– CubeFrame Hardware Set:
8 M3 x 12 mm Screws
8 M3 Nuts
– 1 CubeFrame Plate Hardware Set:
8 M3 x 8 mm Screws
4 M3 x 5 mm Screws
12 M3 Nuts
4 M3 x 6 mm Standoffs
4 M3 x 12 mm Standoffs
4 M3 x 25 mm Standoffs