CubeSat_FrameWant to make your own CubeSat Formfactor Frame like the ones used on the Perlan flights? If you have access to a 3-D printer, you can print a classroom version of the unit. Simply download the zip file and print the parts below. To assemble the CubeFrame, you will need a few additional metal parts. Descriptions with links to for ordering them are provided. All of the frame parts are stored in the following zip file:

Frame Parts

CubeFrame Base (Print 2)

CubeFrame Side (Print 2)

CubeFrame Arduino Uno Baseplate (Print 1)

CubeFrame Baseplate (Print 2)


Additional Parts

16 – M3 x 12mm Machine Screws

4 – M3 x 5mm Machine Screws

20 – M3-0.5 Steel Hex Nuts

8 – M3 Male x M3 Female Screw PCB Stand-off Spacers 26mm Length

4 – M3 Male x M3 Female Hex Head PCB Stand-off Spacers 12mm Length


The frames are based on the Ardusat classroom CubeSat frame. You can find out more at