Teachers! Would you and your students like to send a science payload to the edge of space?

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Teachers in Space’s Flight Experiments program brings spaceflight to your classroom via bi-weekly live video conferences with our experts, teaching you to design, build and fly real flight experiments with your students.

Our program puts the “T” and “E” in STEM as we guide you and your students through the process of engineering and integrating space experiments in the CubeSat format. Each of the 5 modules in the program takes about 6 weeks to complete, building knowledge and skills that ultimately result in an experiment that will be flown into space on a commercial space platform.

Scheduling is currently underway. Once the program kicks off, modules will be offered 6-8pm EDT two Thursdays per month live via GoToMeeting. Recorded sessions will remain available online for your review.

Teachers in Space (TIS) has an extensive record of successfully flying student experiments to space and the near space environment. Since 2012 we have annually flown and recovered experiments reaching the Stratosphere (a Mars analog) using high altitude balloons and the world-record-setting Perlan 2 glider. TIS has also sent two classroom experiments to the International Space Station.

The 2019 Flight Experiments Program will be offered in 5 phases. You may register and pay for each new phase as you complete the preceding phase (total cost including equipment and flights: $6200) or save $200 by registering up front for the whole program for just $6000. Progress is competitive: Teams must successfully complete the deliverable for each phase to be eligible for the next phase, and only the top 75% teams in each phase will proceed. If your team is eliminated at any phase, you may apply your unused phase fees to the next year’s program, or receive a refund of 50% cost of unused phases. Your experiments are yours to keep.

SPECIAL PRIZE: One team completing our entire 5 phase program will get to send one member of their community (pending flight readiness approval) aboard a parabolic microgravity flight in the fall of 2019!

Phase 1

Registration for Phase 1 (required) costs $200 per team.

Registrants receive 1 TIS CubeFrame, an hour of lecture and questions with TIS Board member and recently retired NASA Deputy Director of Technology Jim Adams, 4 hours live video training on Flight Experiments and 2 hours telephone support time. Topics include: What can we study? Why study it? Flights available to TIS teams; popular areas of inquiry; recently flown experiments; how to choose a testable question and design a practical experiment. Deliverable due 27 November: Proposal Topic for a Flight Experiment.

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Phase 2

Arduino Programming costs $400 and includes pre-soldered Arduino starter kit with UNO board, breadboard, sensors, connectors, data store and additional 5 hours of training and 2 hours telephone support.

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Phases 3-5

Teach Data Design, Balloon Mission Planning, Glider Flight experiments, and Suborbital Spaceflight Payload Integration. Each of these phases includes an experiment flight opportunity. Costs are $800 (balloon), $1600 (glider or jet) and $3200 (suborbital flight).

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As the commercial space industry moves closer to flying astronauts and others into space there remain many questions that your students can help to answer. Join us in an historic program that will involve you and your students directly in experimenting and learning about space and the near space environment!



You must be a United States STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) teacher of students between 6th and 12th grades to register a team. Registration requires your contact information, grades and subjects you teach, your principal’s contact information, your school name and shipping address, and the $200 registration fee for Phase 1. Price for all 5 phases will total $6200, or just $6000 if you purchase the entire Flight Experiments program at once. We will refund any individual phase fees already paid if the entire program is subsequently purchased. To contract the entire program at once, or if your school requires a PO, please contact us.

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Or contact info@teachers-in-space.com for more information.