Luther Richardson

Columbus, GA

FluxDemonSat proposes to advance the TRL level for a new type of core material used in NASA research class fluxgate magnetometers. Besides being a technology demonstration mission, this satellite will also have an education plan that uses an existing network of schools and teachers sponsored by NASA. The Columbus Space Program is proposing this CubeSat mission to address a documented need in terms of advancing an exploration technology and also inspiring the next generation of explorers with an education program. The Columbus Space Program has launched 24 high altitude balloons and built numerous custom electronic payloads and invention projects. Besides being a co-curricular organization with students who can take on advanced projects, the Columbus Space Program is connected to many other similar programs across the country like the NASA sponsored FIRST Robotics competition. The basic payload and a data logger package flying at high altitude for an extended period of time will provide diagnostic data for a stronger proposal for actual orbital launch to NASA.