2018-19 TIS CubeKit Flight Experiments Program: High Altitude to Suborbital

How would you and your students like the opportunity to send a science payload to the edge of space? Teachers in Space has built a program to bring space science directly into your classroom. Each module is priced individually and takes about 6 weeks to complete.

Registration for Phase 1 runs 9-23 October 2018 (limit 100 teams) and costs $200 per team. Registrants receive 1 TIS CubeFrame kit, an hour of lecture and questions with TIS Board member and recently retired NASA Deputy Director of Technology Jim Adams, and 4 hours of training on Flight Experiments: What can we study? Why study it? Flights available to TIS teams, popular areas of inquiry and recent work, how to choose a testable question and design a practical experiment. Deliverable: Proposal Topic for a Flight Experiment, and additional $400 fee for Phase 2: Arduino Programming (includes pre-soldered Arduino starter kit with UNO board, breadboard, sensors, connectors, data store and additional 5 hours of training).

Watch this page for details on how to register, and for subsequent phases of the program, including Arduino Programming, Data Design, Balloon Mission Planning, Flying with Sounding Rockets, and Suborbital Spaceflight Payload Integration. You must be a United States STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) teacher of students between 6th and 12th grades to register a team. Registration will require your contact information, your principal’s contact, names and grades of between 3 and 9 participating students, your school name and shipping address, and the $200 registration fee.

Questions? Write to: info@teachers-in-space.com